Just as in human medicine, being proactive in preventing disease is important to the pet, the owner, and the pocketbook. One example is dental health. The importance of good dental health extends from the loss of appetite that can come from sore gums or teeth all the way to kidney and heart disease that can be caused by the influx of bacteria from around them.

To many, “Dental Health” simply means cleaning the pet’s teeth. But this has evolved into so much more over my 30+ year career (can hardly believe that!). Nowadays here at the office, this includes a detailed examination of each tooth with possible dental radiographs (“x-rays”) as well as possible extractions. At home, we strongly suggest brushing the teeth. For those pets not into the brushing, you can gently rub the teeth with a gauze or similar material draped over your index finger. Emphasis is on the outside of the teeth because the cutting surface and inside are kept pretty clean with the harder dog kibble foods. Obviously this is individualized wo some pets will need these additional surfaces cleaned.

But even doing this daily, our pets need teeth cleanings and dental exams. This is often yearly and can be spaced out further with more home brushing/wiping attention. Anesthesia is required for complete dental cleaning and examination. We assess each patient and use the safest anesthetic possible.

We are running a dental special in January and February where we are giving 15% off the complete dental and examination. This excludes dental radiographs or medications. Give us a call if you are interested. (812) 423-2000. Dr. Butler