Back in the day, veterinarians had to rely on their own experience and perhaps that of a local trusted colleague to manage their patients. Referral centers were limited to the veterinary schools. In Indiana, the Purdue University Veterinary School served that purpose then and continues to be a major player in that area today.

But here in 2016 more than in any other time, it takes a veterinary village to serve your pet.

There are online services where professionals in our field can look at radiographs, ultrasound examinations, and laboratory results emailed to them to assist in making a diagnosis.

Surgery has further evolved to where the more delicate and complicated surgery techniques can go to those who do dozens of those procedures per year rather than the field veterinarian who may do one or two of those surgeries during that same time period.

It is no longer necessary, in many cases, to travel many hours to get to a facility with Louisville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Nashville locations available in addition to the hospital at Purdue.

The cooperative effort of the staff of those facilities and our doctors ensure that patient care will always be the top priority.